What Is Content And Why Is It Awesome?

Simple—Content is the best, most compelling vehicle through which thoughts and ideas can be conveyed. And while content can take on myriad forms, the vigor of good content depends entirely on the delivery of a good story. Today, sophisticated, thoughtful content is fast eclipsing traditional advertising as younger generations get more ethical and savvy about what they buy. That’s why a good brand ought to be backed by a good story.

More importantly, great content actually works;

  1. It builds solid trust in a brand.

  2. It helps drives sales (i.e. Good product descriptions create an environment of premium choices, well-written, witty newsletters help retain customer loyalty, etc.)

  3. It cultivates a unique culture that makes customers feel like they’re part of something bigger than just a simple business transaction. Content is experiential and that’s powerful.

Wait, so what’s the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?

Good question. A copywriter’s job is to persuade. Via clever words and language, a good copywriter can compel their client’s target demo to act, whether that means buying something or donating to charity. The best copywriters know exactly what people need to read and hear to feel good about spending their money.

A content writer is less concerned with selling and more interested in either educating or entertaining (or sometimes both at once) their target demo. Content writers can create an immersive feeling for customers that strengthen their relationship with their favourite brands. They do this through executing projects like blogs, websites, and e-newsletters.

So, Who needs good content, and who needs good copy?

Any brand can benefit from well-executed content. Good content helps reinforce the feeling of being immersed in a brand’s culture. The key is to produce content that speaks to the lifestyle of a given brand’s customer. For example, if you’re a car company and you’re launching a new sports utility vehicle, your accompanying content campaign might fare well with some short films on off-roading in the mountains of Montana. You know?

Literally anyone providing a service or a product needs strong ad copy. For example, Apple has damn good copy. It’s always concise, yet clever with a tinge of their trademark levity. That’s partly why you read their signs and buy their stuff.

Whether you’re offering nanny services or lessons on throwing axes, clean, well-written copy that compels your target consumer to act will put you miles ahead of the rest. Always.