Our story

Leo’s a former magazine editor who's spent over a decade writing and editing for a host of great publications. It was another life, one in which off-roading through Mongolia’s Gobi desert and styling editorials with Jeanne Beker were commonplace. He even won a couple writing awards for men’s grooming articles during his Sharp days (the guy helped launch that baby back in ‘08, by the way).

Today, Leo runs his own content agency—yes, the dark side seduced this once journalist—and he and his talented crew take on all kinds of brands, both big and small. Leo knows each brand’s its own unique beast, but if there’s one thing they all need—it’s that inimitable voice so they can stand out from the rest.

A good voice begets rich content, and rich content sparks conversations, real engagement, and ultimately, a tangible environment with which your customers and clients will love to interact.

Creating all that is our specialty.

If your brand needs the right to voice, just get in touch.

And yes, Leo like this more than magazines.